Criterion Shares Lessons of Success from Nike’s CEO Phil Knight.
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Criterion Worldwide Shares Lessons of Success from Nike’s CEO Phil Knight to Start the New Year!

New Years is just around the corner, and we wanted to share some inspiration with you! In an on Business Insider, the writer talks about some lessons we can learn from the founder of Nike, an $85 billion company. “It’s no surprise that Nike is one of the most worn and utilized athletic lines of our time. It’s been around for years, and whenever someone pictures Nike, they picture active, comfortable, trendy sportswear and shoes,” says Lewis Morton, Managing Director of Criterion Worldwide. To be able to get his far in life and have the type of success the founder of Nike, Phil Knight does, it’s amazing. The article expands on some of the lessons we can learn from Phil Knight as entrepreneurs and business individuals. How exactly do you become one of the largest and iconic sports companies in the world? “Everyone knows what Nike is; everyone wants to wear Nike apparel. Becoming a billionaire and success didn’t happen overnight — here are the lessons we read from Business Insider,” mentions Lewis Morton of Criterion Worldwide.

Believe in What You Do:

Business Insider writes, “Knight’s first job (in Hawaii) was to sell encyclopedias. His second one was to sell securities. He was terrible at that first job, and mediocre at his second. […] But when he went on to sell shoes, much to his surprise he turned out to be a master salesman almost from day one. Why? Because this time he believed in what he did […] he had been a track athlete in the college team. He ran because he was good at it, he liked it, and he wanted to win. It made him a credible shoe salesman down the road. This was a product he believed in, and it was a sport he believed in. At Criterion Worldwide, we want all our representatives to believe in what they do and reach for the stars, the fact that belief is what lead Knight to start his journey is incredible

Just Do It:

We’ve all heard of this line. It is what Nike embodies the idea of “just do it.” it has resonated into the minds of many and has become a symbol of strength. Whenever you think something is impossible, make sure to take Phil Knight’s advice and just do it. Go forward and make it work. Nike wouldn’t be possible is Phil Knight had stopped what he did.

Be Clear on What You Want:

Business Insider writes, “Over the years, Knight learned to negotiate business deals, including ones on financing, manufacturing, distribution, and work contracts. Crucial in this regard, he said, is to know going into a negotiation what it is you want, and to say it upfront.” This is a big part of developing a good client base. “You need to make sure you are communicating and saying what you want. It saves time and makes you a force to be reckoned with,” says Lewis Morton of Criterion Worldwide

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