Criterion Worldwide Shares The Foundation of Leadership
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Criterion Worldwide Shares The Foundation of Leadership

“As a leader, it’s important to understand the qualities on which you build your ground. There are so many different kinds of leadership roles nowadays it gets hard to differentiate between what’s working and what isn’t. For a leader, qualities such as hard work, enthusiasm, positivity, and optimism are essential. Without these factors, an individual cannot progress into leadership because they have not understood their potential yet,” says Lewis Morton, managing director of Criterion Worldwide.

The important viewpoint to consider is hard work, enthusiasm, optimism these will help you find the stepping stones of your foundation on the grounds of leadership. At Criterion Worldwide, our agents know that a potential leader must really enjoy what he/she does. More often we find some leaders that are miserable, angry and boss others around. “Yes, leaders do stand in a place where they are allowed to ‘boss’ someone around — however they should NOT. It does not make it efficient, and these type of leaders lose respect from their crew,” mentions Lewis Morton of Criterion Worldwide.

Another excellent factor in building a foundation of leadership is communication. One must be transparent when they are trying to convey their thoughts. People are not mind-readers, nor do they have the ability to know what you are seeking from them. “As leaders, a voice of communication and effective tone can be a valuable asset to help each crew member find their way. It’s not just a one-man job at our company, everyone does their part because every person is essential to our bigger goal and plan,” mentions Lewis Morton of Criterion Worldwide.

The concluding foundation we find to be the most important at Criterion is being friendly and loyal. Having the characteristics of a friend and manager put together is a great combination. It makes an individual/leader approachable. The approachability creates a connection on which makes loyalty valuable as well. Core values such as these and being true to oneself and implementing good habits creates the perfect foundation for leadership. We know that every single individual can be a leader, it’s just a matter of figuring out how far they can go and develop good qualities as well.

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