Criterion Worldwide | Recruitment
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Finding world-class people isn’t a straightforward process. Each week Criterion Worldwide are inundated with candidates and so we have a rigorous 5 part process to identify and source the right talent.

Stage One: Resume Screening

Criterion Worldwide’s HR team will look at each and every resume submitted and shortlist their favorites and reach out to them via email and phone.

Stage Two: Phone Screening

Short-listed candidates are spoken to over the phone so that the HR team can ask some questions before offering a preliminary face to face meeting.

Stage Three: Preliminary Face to Face

For candidates who came across well over the phone, we will then schedule a meeting with some of our management team. This brief meeting is designed to provide an overview of the company but more so for the management team to pick who they liked best and bring them in for an open day.

Stage Four: Full Day Interview

The full-day interview is where the interview process really takes off. We bring candidates in for a full day so that we can see what they have to offer and whether they could keep up with a fast-paced, competitive environment. We will have the interviewee spend time with our team, shadowing to get a feel for the work environment and the campaigns we run. During this interview, we will cover the responsibilities, pay, hours and advancement prospects.

Stage Five: Final Interview

With the pool of candidates now whittled down to the final few, the management team will reach a decision on who they want to bring on board and commence with their training as soon as possible.