Criterion Support The Wonderful One Hope United Charity Organization
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Criterion Worldwide Supports The Wonderful One Hope United Charity Organization

What’s more important than those that make sure our children and youth are being taken care of? There are many unfortunate situations out there, but having superheroes such as One Hope United in our community makes the most significant difference. One Hope United is a charity that stands for values, care, and support. They are everything moralistic that needs to be practiced in our society. “Recently we had an honor of being able to get involved and contribute to this wonderful charity. Not only was this one of the best things we’ve ever done, but it was also one of those things that will make certain that these children will have the best in the long run,” says Lewis Morton, managing director of Criterion Worldwide. For example, one of the services that One Hope United offer are adoption services. They make sure that both the child and parents that are looking to adopt have a life-long companionship.

One Hope United write, “At One Hope United, one of our most important goals is to ensure a safe and loving home for every child. We invite and encourage parents in our communities who wish to start or expand their families to consider opening their doors—and hearts—and adopt through One Hope United.” besides adoptive services they also offer important services for our youth. “Being able to tackle different aspects of a situation and make sure a child feels secure and emotionally well is a huge responsibility. Nonetheless, OHU makes sure they come through with flying colors,” says Lewis Morton of Criterion Worldwide.

Matthew Desmond had once said, “Home is where children find safety and security, where we find our identities, where citizenship starts. It usually starts with believing you’re part of a community, and that is essential to having a stable home.” “These are the values that OHU uphold, and they are prominent influencers for others that are in a similar business to them. We support them all the way and know that each one of their members are superheroes working on ways to make all children’s lives better,” says Lewis Morton of Criterion Worldwide.

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